The Shapeshifters continues to be a magnet for vocal talent of the highest order, as Grammy and Brit award-winning singer Joss Stone is the latest feature artist to work with the esteemed producer. Demonstrating his timeless production style that captures the authentic golden-era disco sound with a resounding freshness for contemporary floors, ‘Bring On The Rain’ is a captivating and life-affirming release from this formidable studio pairing. 

“When I look at the amount of accolades and achievements Joss has under her belt, let alone the galaxy of stars she has been asked to perform with, it is humbling to hear her incredible voice on one of my records. She sounds as good as she ever has. I’m blessed.” – Simon Marlin (The Shapeshifters)

“Working with Simon was such a delight! We wanted to make a record that helped people be happy, post pandemic and take control of their own happiness. I love it, love the melody and I’m glad we can finally get it out there” - Joss Stone

With his return to traditional music-making techniques adding The Shapeshifters’ signature richness to the record, live strings, brass and percussion make a dreamy backdrop to Joss’ flawless vocal delivery. An exciting preview of things to come from his forthcoming LP ‘Let Loose’, expect ‘Bring On The Rain’ to follow suit as the latest Glitterbox anthem from The Shapeshifters.

The Shapeshifters featuring Joss Stone ‘Bring On The Rain’ will be released via Glitterbox Recordings on 1stApril 2022.