Glitterbox Recordings are proud to announce the signing of ‘Cocaine Blues’ by Escort.

The Brooklyn nu-disco group, whose members include Glitterbox regular JKriv, Eugene Cho and Nicki B, originally released the record in 2010 on their own label. Described by Time Out New York as, "New York City's best live band" and making "the best New York disco tracks since West End Records’ early-‘80s heyday,” by Pitchfork, the group are steeped in the venerable tradition of clubland’s holy trinity, New York, Chicago, and Detroit, paying homage to mutant-pop luminaries such as Kid Creole and the Coconuts & Ian Dury.

A loose remake of disco-reggae classic ‘Cocaine in My Brain’ by Jamaican DJ Dillinger and and ‘Do It Anyway You Wanna’ by Peoples Choice, ‘Cocaine Blues’ with its relaxed, disco approach and catchy vocal soon became a hit. A band in the traditional sense, Escort have utilised drums, bass, guitars, keyboards, percussion, horns and strings on their outputs and live performances, with their traditional approach to music making allowing them to create timeless tracks.

With Greg Wilson and Ewan Pearson stepping up on remix duties for ‘Cocaine Blues’, Greg taking the stripped-back approach, centring around the “I don’t wanna stop” vocal part and enhancing the drums, and Pearson going for a housier feel with filtered vocals and swirling synths, this package still sounds just as good as it did when it first graced dancefloors.

“It’s very much a case of the past colliding with the present for this inspired release, which helped make it such fun to remix.” – Greg Wilson

“We are committed to promoting classic dance catalogue alongside our schedule of current releases. Escort ‘Cocaine Blues’ is a perennial on the Defected office playlist so we are ecstatic to be able to secure the rights to a record that deserves to be amplified to today’s dancefloors, vinyl collectors and playlist listeners alike.” – Simon Dunmore

'Cocaine Blues' including Greg Wilson and Ewan Pearson remixes will be released digitally and on 12" vinyl via Glitterbox Recordings on 21 May, with remixes to follow.