You Got Something Special
While Lemelle’s ‘You Got Something Special’ may not be a record you know by name, chances are you’ve heard it on the dancefloor. This obscure 1982 boogie cut has become a favourite of in-the-know DJs, cherished for its bouncy bassline, signature 80’s synths and Cindy Mizelle’s indelible vocals that make it a funk-laden disco number. Now, two of the genre’s most esteemed editors lend their hand to this record box essential, updating it for Glitterbox dancefloors and beyond. Up first, re-work extraordinaire KON delivers his edit, maintaining the 80’s boogie vibe while making it more DJ friendly with dubbed out sections for an extended cut. Next, Dr Packer brings his trademark sound to the cut, seamlessly blending his disco-tinged stylings to the track. The release also features the original in all its glory, and the instrumental, providing an essential DJ tool.


  Track Artist
You Got Something Special (KON Edit)
You Got Something Special (Dr Packer Edit)
You Got Something Special (Original Mix)
You Got Something Special (Instrumental)

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