Following stellar singles ‘I’m Not Defeated’ and ‘Future Romance’, Bronx-born singer-songwriter Fiorious returns to Glitterbox with a stunning cover of Aly-Us’ ‘Follow Me’. Representing the dawning of a new chapter of dance talent, Fiorious’ indelible vocals have earnt him high-profile fans ranging from Honey Dijon to Cassius with his new single immediately catching the attention of house legend Roger Sanchez.

‘Follow Me’ has a more stripped-back feel to previous Fiorious outputs, his sultry smooth vocal back dropped with deep, swelling synths and a relaxed groove. House legend Roger Sanchez’s remix opens the package, a fitting artist to take on the duty after remixing the 1992 original. Roger’s mix provides a clubbier feel, with jacking bass and powerful keys sure to captivate any dancefloor. 

“I was definitely conflicted about covering ‘Follow Me’ because it is such a beloved underground record in NYC. Growing up, I’ve heard it set off practically every house party I’ve ever been to. It’s always been a special record to me, and I just felt inspired to give it new life and make it feel like a hopeful reset at this toxic moment in time. And then having Roger Sanchez tell me I truly did it justice, and him delivering a beautiful and joyful remix on top of that has all been a huge honour.” - Fiorious

“I am proud to be a part of this project - Fiorious has done an amazing performance on this house anthem and I think the lyrics are more timely than ever. This is my favourite remix I have done this year!”- Roger Sanchez

Described by Mixmag as “a specialist in stirring emotions,” Fiorious’ earnest vocal combined with flawless production and Roger’s dynamite remix make ‘Follow Me’ another exciting glance into Fiorious’ creative mastery. 

Fiorious will also release the accompanying music video to ‘Follow Me’, The third of a collection of music videos made in collaboration with Milan DJ and creative director Protopapa and hairstylist Gabriele Marozzi (Eurocrash productions). The three videos were filmed in as many days in Milan before Fiorious signed the records to Glitterbox Recordings, bringing together an international community of queer creatives to bring ‘I’m Not Defeated’, ‘Future Romance’ and now ‘Follow Me’ to life.

Directed by Samuel Douek, with stunning cinematography by Diego Diaz, the ‘Follow Me’ video is a captivating celebration of the LGBTQI+ community and unity, conveyed through dance choreographed by Gorgeous KenJii Gucci of the House of Gucci, and Paris’ Guy-roland Tahi, a stylist to both Fiorious and Kiddy Smile.

“The idea behind the video for me is all about the power of community. If ‘I’m Not Defeated’ is about resistance, I wanted ‘Follow Me’ to be about finding safety and strength in community, about showing up and lifting each other up in this fight, channelling rage into solidarity. Dance music has always been political. But at this precarious moment in history, it’s our duty to protect and fight for the most vulnerable among us, both inside and especially outside of the club.” - Fiorious

‘Follow Me’ is out now on Glitterbox Recordings. Stream & download the track here -