17 DJs We'd Love To Play Glitterbox

Posted on July 13, 2016

We've been privileged to have some of the greatest DJs of all-time grace the Glitterbox decks, but here is a wishlist of acts we'd love to see (have seen) play for us...

Frankie Knuckles

The Godfather of House, a friend of ours and one of the most charismatic DJs in the booth - it breaks our heart that Frankie will never play for a Glitterbox crowd, but his spirit is alive every single night we play.

Grace Jones (Live)

"That's how I got discovered, jumping up on tables at Studio 54, singing and dancing to disco music."

Grace Jones is everything Glitterbox has been built on - from the music, to the style and everything inbetween.

Larry Levan

A resident at the legendary Paradise Garage in New York for over decade and one of the most important house music DJs to ever live, we would do anything to bring Larry back for one night on the Terrace. 

Talking Heads (Live)

Fronted by the genius that is David Byrne, Talking Heads were one of the most fascinating live acts in the 70s/80s and would have been sure to rock a Glitterbox crowd with consummate style.

Danny Krivit

With 45 years of DJing experience under his belt - Danny Krivit has seen it all, done it all and is simply a master in the booth. Danny, you know where we are...

Shep Pettibone

Having worked with the likes of Madonna and Sister Sledge, while also becoming an underground dance music legend, Shep Pettibone's prowess at production and mixing make him a very easy choice.

Prince (Live)

An icon, a pioneer, one of a kind - Prince is Glitterbox, Glitterbox is Prince. We miss him already. 

DJ Jazzy Jeff

Technically one of the best DJs and selectors to ever walk the earth, who has previously shared booths around the world with Masters At Work. We'd love to make that happen again at Glitterbox.

The Salsoul Orchestra (Live w/ Loleatta Holloway & Jocelyn Brown)

A group behind some of the finest disco classics - The Salsoul Orchestra, live with Loleatta Holloway and Jocelyn Brown, would have been a real moment for the whole Glitterbox family.

Chaka Khan (Live)

The Queen of Funk - a voice of a generation, we would be honoured to welcome Chaka Khan onto a Glitterbox stage. We can dream.

Gilles Peterson

A legend not only in the UK, Gilles Peterson has become one of the most well-respected DJs and tastemakers in the world over the past 30 years. Something a bit different, but a DJ that never fails to make you dance.

Chic (Live)

Chic optimise everything that Glitterbox stands for - great dance music, that is both timeless and puts a smile people's faces. It's very rare that a Glitterbox night goes by without a Chic record being played.

Todd Terje

Todd Terje is someone we booked for Glitterbox in 2015, but for various reasons we couldn't make this happen - hopefully it won't be too long until we can!

Inner City (Live)

Founded by techno legend Kevin Saunderson, along with vocalist Paris Grey, Inner City were one of the real crossover bands - fusing soul, disco, house and techno - ideal for Glitterbox.

Lil Louis

Lil Louis is a Chicago legend, and the man behind records such as 'French Kiss' and 'Club Lonely' - tracks that made Glitterbox what it is today.

Tee Scott

A master in the New York disco scene, Tee Scott was the first DJ to use three turntables and sound effects - he was also known for "riding" two or more records at a time. An innovator, a boss.

Stevie Wonder

After rocking it at Hyde Park this weekend just gone, it would be a crime for us to leave Stevie out, a man who has well and truly changed soul and funk music forever.

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